About Wedding

Indian marriages are mostly lavish and extensive. They extend over a period of four to five days in every religion. Each Indian Weddings are highly traditional and are strongly adhere to the ancient customs and traditions. Moreover, wedding is considered an important religious practice in every religion. It is not just the bond between two people but also between two families. 

Services We Offer

1.Card Designing                  2.Goodies

3.Venue Selection                4.Catering

5.Decoration                         6.Photography

7.Transportation                  8.Registry Of Gift

9.Bridal Makeup                 10.Hospitality

How to Reduce Your Wedding Budget

 1.Choose an economic wedding venue. Rather than going for plush farm houses, star hotels and costly banquets, try to go for an economic place.

 2.Make sure to get your booking done in advance as the prices are soaring high during the peak season. This will help you to shop around and will provide you with cheaper deals.

 3.Combine different wedding ceremonies with each other to reduce on the cost. Individual functions for all the rituals are expensive, so club the functions.

For example, try to club Sangeet with Mehendi.


4.Try to reduce on wedding attire. Go for an outfit which suits your standard but don`t go overboard. Avoid designer clothes if possible and spend decently.


5.Seasonal flowers used for the decorations adds to the cost cutting. Instead of fresh flower decoration, opt for artificial flower decoration.


6.Order accordingly on your food and catering to avoid any wastage. Do not keep too many items and try to avoid non-seasonal dishes.

 7.Keep the cards simple but yet attractive will help in reducing the cost.




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